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Store Smarter Not Harder

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Take it from us, a little bit of organisation before moving goes along way.

Here are some tips from the staff at Simply Self Storage for when you move into your next storage space.

1) Arrange your Goods as Per NeedIf you need a particular item more than another, keep it towards the front of your unit. This way, you can access the item without a fuss. If you are hiring a removalist, request that they move these boxes onto the truck first, as they will be the last off.

2) Play Tetris and Stack Vertically

Large items can be stacked on their sides to take up less floor space. When storing multiple items in a unit it is recommended that you use packing boxes. Each packing box is designed for the purpose of stacking and storage use. Constructed using a thick and sturdy cardboard, you will be able to source these affordable packing tools via our front office.

3) Utilise all those Nooks and Crannies

Gaps are your friend! Place soft bedding into garbage bags and fill the spaces between each piece of furniture.


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