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11 Reasons Why We Use Storage

Self storage units are a slightly unknown but very useful tool that can be used in a variety of ways to help a range of people in different situations. From businesses needing a bit more space to home owners who just need a bit more room to move around and think, most people are unaware of the comfort that a little bit more space can provide.


Self storage units are usually 3 to 30 square meter spaces and there usually are centers all around which people are unaware of. Typically storage centers have their own business hours and you can access your goods as often as you’d like in those times. Ask the staff for their opening hours.

Who uses storage?

There are many reasons why people opt to use a storage unit. Typically there is a range of customers from Big businesses to students, families who need extra space, trade workers who need a place for their tools and vehicle owners who don’t have the space to keep their caravan or boat at home.

1- In between Houses

Moving tends to be very stressful. In recent years due to many factors, we see people having to move out of their old home before moving into their new one in the interest of keeping a sale. There are so many different situations where we find ourselves whilst moving in or out of a home. If you find yourself in that predicament and need a place to store your big furniture or just need to downsize, a Storage unit would be the best for you. Sometimes temporarily renting a storage unit can provide an answer to some common moving problems.

2- You’ve Seen Too much Marie Kondo

Lately we’ve seen a wave of decluttering happening thanks to the tools that Marie Kondo has introduced to the world. But what do you do with all those belongings that you have a connection with however don’t have a place to keep? Many people will temporarily rent a storage unit so they can slowly go through the decluttering process and keep their home tidy. People who have a knack for interior decorating also may utilize storage units to house decor they can switch out from time to time.

3- You bought your dream caravan… But its too big.

Imagine this, you live with your partner in a house with one lockup garage and you both have cars. You park one inside and one just on the driveway. But then you get a Caravan to go on a holiday in the summer. Now not only do you not have space for it at your home but its too big to leave on the street. Not only that but because you’re not going to use to too often, you know its going to be damaged by the sun. So, what to do? Get one of our indoor car spaces of course.

4- Baby on the way

So you’ve finally got the news you’ve been waiting for. It’s happening! Soon you’re going to have little off springs running around the house, on top of the furniture and in every room. So what do you do with those priceless pieces of art or family heirlooms that are now in the danger of destruction? Plus, where do you put the kids beds and toys? That’s when you need a bit of extra space. Yes, replace the extra bed with a cot and put the bed in your unit. You’re going to need it later on so why sell it?

5- Tools

Are you a garden worker, Builder, electrician or a painter? Do you keep your tools at home in the garage and go through the monthly conversation with your partner about the mess they create? If you rent a small storage unit, you can drop off your tools in the arvo and pick them up the next day without a problem. They’ll be stored in a damp free and safe surrounding. Plus, no more loosing tools you don’t use as often because you don’t remember where you’ve put it.

6- Holiday ornaments and seasonal tools

So, the summer is over and you’ve got all the beach equipment, the boards and the kids soccer kits. Put it in storage and save yourself having to buy them again next year. Not only you save on space but also save on money!

7- Travel year

Backpacking through Europe? My room mate did recently and he paid 3 months rent because he couldn’t move his things back to his parent’s place. If you’re in the same situation don’t be like him. Just get a storage unit and you’ll save a decent amount in rent!

8- Uni students over summer time

Finally the exams are over and you’ve got 3 months to do whatever you’d like to. But you need to move out of campus. You didn’t realize just how much you’ve accumulated through the year. Don’t drag everything home just to bring it back in a few months. Leave it in your unit! You’ll probably save on fuel.

9- To Keep business inventory organized.

One of the biggest challenges of starting a small business is trying to keep your costs down. It’s quite typical for people to use their homes as their offices and put the inventory in the house. Not long after though, you’ll find you need more space. Getting offices can be expensive and a store front may be more trouble than its worth. A storage unit is usually the best option! You can access it when you need to and don’t have to worry about creating a mess. Plus its much cheaper than any other option.

10- To store a loved one’s belongings.

When a loved one passes away, going through their house is not the first thing on everyone’s to-do list. However, there’s usually a push to get the house emptied so it can be sold or rented.

If your parent or grandparent didn’t downsize in their later years, sometimes the amount of stuff can be overwhelming. Customers who are dealing with a loss might put items into storage and process them when things are a little less raw.

Waiting for a short period before sorting through a loved one’s belongings will help emotions run a little less hot. An item you would have fought over might be handled with a bit more grace and less anger when people have healed more emotionally.

11- To help organize a home renovation.

You might not be moving, but you decided to tear off the back of your house and build an addition. Storage units allow homeowners to empty the space needing renovation so they can work freely.

And there you have it folks! Maybe not all of them apply to you but remember if you’re in one of these situations, DON’T IGNORE IT… SIMPLY STORE IT.

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