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Make Your Next Christmas a Simple One

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Don't risk crushed Christmas dreams next year! Store your Christmas decorations using the following tips...

Plastic storage boxes

- Stack-able.

- Careful labelling can save you time and effort in finding what you want.

Absorbent silica gel sachets

- Save these bad boys when unwrapping gifts and tuck these in to your ornament boxes to ward off damp.

Cardboard boxes

- Best for vintage decorations.

- Ho avoid them becoming damp over time.

Egg Cartons / Paper Cups / Sock Dividers

- Keep smaller Christmas Ornaments separate and secure.

- Perfect for placings baubles and delicate ornaments to avoid damage.

- Line each space with a little tissue paper.

Tissue Paper

- Wrap larger items individually in layers of tissue paper to protect them and dodge entanglement with other decorations.


- Fold tinsel and ribbon.

- Wrap Christmas lights around sturdy cardboard to keep them tidy and separated.

Christmas Tips are courtesy of Diana Moore <>

Temporary Storage

Are your kids or partner super sleuths at finding Christmas gifts before the big day?

Your best kept Christmas secret might be at Wollongong Simply Self Storage.

Eliminate your chances this Christmas Season by storing your presents in a secure warehouse. Storage will allow the secret of Santa to survive yet another magical year.


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