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  • When are you opening hours?
    Our opening hours in Wollongong are 8-5 weekdays and by appointment on the weekends. please let us know by the previous thursday. The appointments can be arranged b contacting the office.
  • Can I change the size of my unit if it is too big or small?
    You certainly can up-size or downsize to suit your requirements whenever you wish. No extra charge is applied when changing units.
  • What's the minimum length of time I can have storage?
    We charge a month in advance so the minimum rental fee is one month. After that one month we require 14 days notice to vacate and any money left over when you vacate will be refunded to you.
  • Have you got any special offers?
    Yes, we are always running special offers. Please refer in store for more information. Also like us on facebook to keep updated with all the special offers.
  • Are there any extra charges?
    We have no hidden fees, we do however charge a late fee of $11 if your account is 10 days past the due date. You are also able to take out insurance at an extra cost.
  • Do you help move my belongings into storage?
    We don't personally help with moving belongings into storage but we're more than happy to recommend removalists if you ask. We also do have available courtesy trailers for your use which you can use with a standard C class license. This does require a booking and a $50 deposit which will be returned to you on safe delivery of the trailer.
  • Who has access to my unit?
    The contract holder and anyone else you choose to put on the list can access your unit. Identification must be shown for non contract holders and we have a signing in and out procedure for every visitor who is accessing units in our secure warehouse.
  • Where can I get boxes and moving supplies?
    We have a wide range of quality boxes at competitive prices. We also sell protective covers for your furniture & mattresses, locks, tape, butchers paper, bubble wrap and an array of other items to assist you with your move. Jump on over to our website for a comprehensive list and pricing.
  • Do I pay weekly or monthly?
    You can pay on a schedule that suits you best. Typically our customers pay on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or a yearly baisis. Let us know what suits you better.
  • What can I not store in storage?
    You must not store hazardous, dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods. This includes food. If you have any doubts just ask our friendly staff at our centres.


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